Getting Started with PushAssist

The following overview of PushAssist API will help you quickly get started sending push notifications to your site’s visitors & customers.

Push Notification from PA is a powerful and unique way of communicating with users. It allows websites on desktop and mobile to send push notifications to site’s visitors and customers. The notifications appear even when the user is not browsing your website that enables you to notify and bring them back to your website/store

The API documentation is divided into two parts, REST API & JavaScript API.


As the name suggests, our REST API allows you to perform actions from any programming language of your choice. Primarily, you would call our API to perform any of the functions listed below:

  • Broadcast a push notifications to all subscribers
  • Send a push message to a list of subscribers
  • Send a push notification to subscribers belonging to a particular segment (group)
  • Send notifications to a filtered group i.e. by geo-location, OS, browser
  • Send notification to a particular subscriber (mapping a subscriber to user is required)
  • Add or remove subscribers from segments
  • Change segment of a subscriber
  • View notification historical data
  • Create date based or recurring campaigns
  • Create, modify or remove segments

We will go in details of each in the corresponding sections of the API documentation.