How It Works?

PushAssist is a push notification platform for websites and portals. We provide push API that supports both http and https sites. You can also use this platform on your site, store or any custom web application.

  • Create a PushAssist account for your website
  • Install PushAssist JavaScript on your website
  • Change Optin window text, site logo to customize as per your own language and taste (HTTP sites only)
  • You must have at least one subscriber to start sending push notifications
  • Optin box will appear on any page which has PushAssist JS that triggers subscription
  • Subscribers must manually allow receiving browser push notification from your website.
  • Every subscriber is assigned a unique subscriber ID that is safely stored in PushAssist cloud servers.
  • Using segment you have store your subscribers in a particular group which later can be used to send notifications
  • Notifications can be sent from our plugins, our dashboard or by using our REST API.
  • Notifications can be sent to all, a list of subscribers, subscribers of a segement or a particular subscriber (custom coding required**)

Follow these easy steps mentioned above to engage users and convert them into loyal users in no time.