Firebase Cloud Messaging For Push Notification

What is FCM?

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is a cross-platform messaging solution for reliable delivery of messages. FCM, latest version of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is jam packed with reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure, in addition to powerful features and is very easy to use as compared to older version of GCM.

Both, FCM and GCM are compatible with PushAssist. However, to deliver website push notifications on Chrome, you need to create a free FCM account. PushAssist already owns a FCM account through which all its customer base is linked.

Thus, when users create a subscriber list, it is automatically connected to PushAssist FCM account. If you do not want your subscriber list connected to our account, you can create your own FCM account after signing up for PushAssist.

Why Create your own FCM account?

It is best advisable that you create your own FCM account to send Push Notifications. This provides the ease of transferring or exporting your customer base, whenever you want.

If not, you can use PushAssist FCM Key. Nevertheless, if you don’t have your own FCM key, it is possible that you may face difficulty in transferring your subscriber list.

Step by Step Guide to use FCM

  • Sign in to the Firebase Console and Create a New Project
  • Give a name to your project and select a country. Click Create Project.
  • Then you will be directed to Project console, click on the gear icon next to Overview and select Project settings.
  • Switch to the Cloud Messaging tab and to get the Sender ID and the Server key. Note down both as these will be required in the next step.

Configuring PushAsist with FCM

  • Once you obtain your FCM key and SenderID create a separate FCM Project for PushAssist.
  • Now, login to the PushAssist Dashboard and head to Website Dashboard > Settings > Website.
  • Just scroll down to FCM/GCM Configuration and first add the Sender ID followed by the Server Key. Then hit Submit.
  • Done, your new FCM configuration is live, start sending push notifications now

Why migrate from GCM to FCM

FCM is an advanced version of the GCM. It consists GCM’s core infrastructure, with new power packed SDKs to make Cloud Messaging scalable, reliable and easier.

Easy client development. You no longer need to write your own registration or subscription retry logic.

Get unique notification solution, a server less solution that lets anyone trigger notifications to specific audience segments based on Firebase Analytics insights.

Key Capabilities of FCM

FCM libraries

These new FCM libraries use apparent merging, so you don’t have to worry about permissions. It automatically adds any permission that is needed reducing the amount of efforts and time you need to invest.


Firebase Analytics

Firebase offers free and unlimited analytics solutions that provides insights on user engagement and app usage. It automatically links events corresponding to your FCM push notifications and reports impact of each notification.


Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are smart URLs that provide the best experience across different platforms. In push notification, you can link directly to your content, or can create links that run logic like applying a coupon code to a specific account.


Cross-platform Support

Expand to different platforms without modifying your infrastructure with APIs packaged into single SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript and C .


Web Notification Support

With FCM, you can now easily target your specific browser users. Send a web push notification to your Chrome users on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and Android.


Strong Advice

We strongly advice customers to create their own FCM APIs and keys. Reason being,there is a possibility that Google might put a limit on number if subscribers that can be added in a single FCM account.