Firefox Push Notifications

Communicate with your customers in real time and engage them by sending periodic notifications on their desktops and mobile devices. If your customer uses Firefox 44+ (version) PushAssist will not only trigger Opt-in box for notification registration but also sends notifications to all registered users of your website and track deliveries along with other metrics.

  • Firefox Push Notifications

    if an instance of Firefox is running users will see your notification pop-up inviting them back to your website. If Firefox is not running the pop-up will be shown as soon as Firefox is launched.

    Firefox Push Notifications
  • 1. Quick & Easy Setup

    As soon as your create your PushAssist account and verify your email address. On your PushAssist dashboard you will be presented with a code snippet, you need to copy it and install on your site

    Installation is easy, just paste the copied snippet before the closing of </body> tag. Typically, closing </body> tag is found under footer section/partials or your application's base HTML file. Didn't we said Quick!

    In case you need help in installing the snippet on your site, please get in touch with us and our support specialists will do it for you.

     Quick & Easy Setup
  • 2. Higher Opt-in Rate Equals Opportunity

    PushAssist snippet does it well, it starts triggering opt-in box on your site for your users to subscribe to. Efficient "Show for this session" button makes opting in much easier and helps you from losing out on the chance of converting a potential customer.

    Push Notifications are far efficient than newsletters emails. Keep growing your push notification subscribers and keep them engaged. Let PushAssist do the rest!

    Higher Opt-in Rate Equals Opportunity
  • 3. All Set To Send Notifications

    As soon as you have subscribers you are all set to send push notifications. Just log in to your PushAssist dashboard, compose a very useful message and send it out. You can monitor message deliveries and click through rates in real time.

    Premium users can schedule notifications at a preferred date and time. PushAssist will do all the heavy lifting involved in notification scheduling, delivering and tracking.

    All Set To Send Notifications
  • 4. Almost There!

    Your subscribers will receive notifications on their devices in real time. PushAssist will display metrics like delivery status, click counts and other useful insights within your PushAssist dashboard.

    Almost There