Monetize your website with Push Notifications

Generate new revenue streams by leveraging our next generation push notifications platform that helps you make money using your website subscribers.

PushAssist Dashboard

How its Work

Advertisers send engaging and contextual ads to your subscribers

Build subscriber base

ReachDrip helps you convert your website visitors into subscribers, build your marketing list and a loyal following.

Build Repeat Traffic

Engage subscribers with relevant push notifications and drive consistent repeat traffic. Build loyalty.

Monetize Your Subscribers

Help subscribers uncover engaging & contextual ads pushed by advertisers that generates additional revenue.

Enable Settings to Send Web Push Ads

Enable Settings to Send Web Push Ads

Enable the advertising settings in your ReachDrip control panel for your website that allows advertisers to send push notifications to your subscribers.

Configure it once to generate revenue from your website subscribers, we will get you up and running with push notification advertisements.

Setup Push Ads Frequency

Setup push notifications frequency at which ReachDrip will send contextual and engaging advertisement messages through web push to your subscribers.

Configure how many ads you want to send as push notifications to your subscribers in a day.

Setup Push Ads Frequency
Generate Additional Revenue

Generate Additional Revenue

Monetization Plans help websites to increase their ad revenue using native content ads delivered using push notifications.

Everytime a subscriber clicks on your push notification advertisement, you make money. Statistics of revenue generation are available in your account.

Our Advantages

All GEO Traffic

We accept traffic with any geo. Our advertisers offer appropriate advertising campaigns and deals for any country.

The Highest Conversion Rate

We offer the highest conversion rate on the market since we aim at demonstrating customers only the appropriate and relevant advertising based on the internal analysis tools.

Safety for the Publisher

We offer 100% safety for publishers since our advertising messages come from our domain, within a limited time span, and in no way are associated with the publisher's website.

Weekly Payments

We offer the fastest income generation on the market by providing publishers with tools that are most convenient and effective at earning them income as quickly as possible.

Reach your customers even when they aren't browsing your website