Travel & Hospitality: 7 Push Campaigns to Engage New Users

Travel & Hospitality: 7 Push Campaigns to Engage New Users

Today there are plenty of Travel & Hospitality brands that are striving hard to engage and retain maximum customers for overall business development. They are incorporating various messaging channels to effectively deliver their information and yields maximum results.

Web Push Notifications is only such tool that has been highly successful in grabbing attention and enticing users to click messages for effective results. They have proved to be more effective than email, social media, and various other communication channels. Brands face a wide range of challenges when it comes to creating a segment of the loyal audience.

Customer engagement and retention is really a tough ask for verticals like- Travel & Hospitality, where customers use app or website only a few times a year to book a flight and make hotel reservations.

Hence, here’s how travel& hospitality business owners utilize this messaging channel,

Onboarding Campaigns

By using web push messages, create an effective Onboarding experience that walks new visitors through your website or mobile app. Make them understand, how to make the most of it, encourage strong closeness to your brand right from the start.

Initial Conversion Campaigns

Whether your brand has a travel website or an app that can be used by customers to buy flight tickets, book hotel rooms, entice customers to make their first purchase, or develop a sustainable customer connect. Personalize your outreach to increase conversion rate by 30%.

Geo-Location Based Campaigns

When customers navigate through your website, they unknowingly pass valuable information about the destinations they would like to visit, hotels they would like to stay in and adventures they would like to enjoy. Trigger a well-crafted message highlighting these key features to entice customers.

Incentive Campaigns

Today’s internet world is filled with distractions. Hence, designing a multichannel reward campaigns are an excellent way to identify active users, track engagement, and then encouraging them to engage with your website by rewarding them with discounts and other incentives to drive stronger long-term customer retention.

Loyalty Program Campaigns

Travel and hospitality brands can implement loyalty building programs for long-term customer engagement and retention. Web push is a powerful way to reach out to customers who have booked a flight or hotel room. Trigger a personalized message to customers letting them know how many loyalty points they’ve earned after a purchase, or offers like free flight or room upgrade.

Abandoned purchase campaigns

In some conditions, users search for hotel rooms or flight prices for a particular part of the globe. They initially begin with comparing prices on various sites, go through whatever a website has to offer carefully, but then for some reason leave without completing the purchase?

Some may return, but mostly many won’t. By targeting such users who began searching but haven’t completed their purchase, you can increase the number of buyouts. Deliver personalized web push notifications to help them recall about the abandoned purchase.

Retention & re-engagement Campaign

Over a period of time, you will observe that some customers have become less active or stop engaging all together. By leveraging push notifications, you can use personalized and segmented messages with targeted incentives to bring falling-out customers back into the mix.

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