How to Get More Sales from Existing Users with Web Push Notifications?

How to Get More Sales from Existing Users with Web Push Notifications?

As online marketers, we know the importance of attracting more visitors to our websites. High traffic means more page views, more add-to-carts and thus, higher sales. To achieve more traffic, we try a variety of platforms — Google AdWords, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and more.

However, is all the investment of time and money to enhance website traffic worth it?

As per the recent studies of more than 18,000 small, medium, and large eCommerce sites, the number of visitors returning to eCommerce sites dramatically outdoes new traffic.

  • New visitors spend 2.52 minutes, whereas existing visitors spend around 5.52 minutes.
  • Pages view stats also highlight the same story. Per visit, new visitors view about 3.9 pages as compared to 5.55 pages for returning visitors.
  • The research results also concluded that returning visitors are more likely to purchase and promote your website to others.

The numbers above shout out loud that instead of putting all your efforts into grabbing the attention of new visitors, it might be better that marketers develop strategies to engage their existing website visitors.

Here are few ways how websites can get more sales using an intelligent engagement platform everyone’s talking about — website push notifications.

Lift online sales with push notification campaigns

Personalized Offers & Discounts based on Customer’s On-site Behaviour:

Web users like to consume content that is of their interest instead of getting blitzed with irrelevant notifications. Hence, the excellent way to keep bringing customers back to your website is sending personalized special discounts & offers. It is crucial to know what users like and deliver personalized recommendations based on their choice.

Personalization could mean user identifiers like name, location, profession, education or user behavior like product category viewed, search history, past transactions, and more. Several marketers who have used behavior based push notifications have witnessed amazing results with CTR as high as 45%

 As per the recent study, almost 56% users agreed to interact with personalized offers and discounts. But, before starting with audience segmentation, marketers must consider two types of data:

Historical Behavioral Data:

Which pages users visit when they come back to your online store? The device they use to view the site? How much time do they spend on the site, each time they visit?

By analyzing historical data, marketers can narrow their targeting based on these behavior patterns. For example, just because you bought a bicycle for the nephew on his birthday doesn’t mean that you want to keep seeing recommendations for the bicycle.

Real-time Behavioral Data:

Looking at real-time behavioral data, allows marketers to enhance customer’s online experience while they are on the site. The common example of this displaying an offer for a product they were just viewing. Another example would be recommending popular products to a customer visiting the site.

Product Recommendations:

Another great way to prompt your current subscribers to buy more is through suggestions based on their previous purchases. All you must do is segment your customers into categories. Send them relevant messages through push notifications. This method is a brilliant way to build loyalty with your current customers. They will be anxiously waiting to see the range of products you will recommend them.

Notify them Special Offers

All eCommerce stores run different sale campaigns and discount offers throughout the year. But, how can you generate excitement and create buzz around these offers? Some of the ways are through social media marketing, email marketing, and paid campaigns.

But are they really enough to set the eyeballs rolling? The answer is NO. The reason is for all the above channels user must act first, open their email, go through social media networks, or run related Google search. With push notifications, you can deliver alerts of these sales without any effort. The best thing is they are hard to miss. Push notifications pop up on device screens, and with big image features from providers like PushAssist, it all has become very easy.

Cart Abandonment Messages:

All eCommerce stores are familiar with cart abandonment. Customers add products to cart but, turn away without completing the buying process. Web push notifications can help you solve this problem. Reminding them about the products they have left in the carts. Highlight the price drops to generate more interest. Users usually abandon the cart because they get distracted during the checkout process. A push notification can evade this distraction and lead to a smooth sale completion.

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