Introducing Web Push Notifications for Opera Browser

Introducing Web Push Notifications for Opera Browser

To provide value to its customers and help them stay competent, PushAssist continually strives to provide most advanced, comprehensive push notification solutions. It has now successfully added Opera Mini to its pack of popular browser/web push notifications.

Push notifications are now available on both, mobile as well as desktop browsers. The latest upgraded API is now compatible with Opera mobile version 37 and desktop 42 . Notably, they are like push notification on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Features and benefits of Opera Push Notifications by PushAssist

Dead Simple Implementation

Opera browser push notifications are simple to integrate, it hardly takes a couple of minutes to integrate them. So, Ecommerce websites from various industries can easily implement it to enhance their reach across the digital domain.

Guaranteed Timely Delivery

Browser Push Notifications can be directly delivered without any delay in the notification drawer of the user’s mobile phone or desktop Opera browser. Push, catchy and irresistible messages for maximum benefits.

Reach More Customer

Now businesses can easily tap customers using Opera browser on mobile and desktop. Even though the percentage of users are low on the desktop as compared to other browsers, Opera Mini browser is a widely used browser on mobile devices. This provides marketers a valuable opportunity to reach them.

Subscriber Segmentation

Opera push notification can be delivered to all users or divided into small segments for a more targeted approach. Easily trigger push messages as per the interest zones of your subscribers for better conversion and retention.

A/B Testing, Deep Linking

Test your push messages before delivering them. Check which push messages perform best as per the set goals and targets. In addition, add links to your push message so that user directly lands on the web page with a message you wish to communicate.

Higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

With the availability of one more browser for communication, marketers can easily get in touch with more web users, thus increasing the chances of improving CTR of your online store.

Supports All Operating Systems (OS)

Push notifications support all different operating system. No matter if the user is using Windows, Linux, or Android operating system. These notifications can be easily triggered to each one of them.

List of Businesses that must opt for Opera Push Notifications

Here is a small list of business that can opt opera push notification to boost their website reach, enhance online store visibility, obtain higher conversion and retention rate.

  • Ecommerce & Shopping Stores
  • Healthcare Industry, including medical equipment manufacturers, medical suppliers, and health care providers, such as hospitals, private practitioners, and nursing homes.
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Financial, Banking and Insurance Agencies
  • Real Estate & Builders
  • Life- Sciences, including pharmaceutical, biotech, or more
  • Gaming Apps and Developers
  • News Sectors
  • Bloggers and Publishers
  • Manufacturing Sector (High-Tech, Automotive, & General Manufacturing)

These are some of the features provided by Opera Browser Push Notifications. These features are similar to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Push Notifications. If you wish to opt for one of the most comprehensive push notification platforms, kindly choose PushAssist.


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