Web Push Notifications for Gym and Fitness Center

Web Push Notifications for Gym and Fitness Center

Enhance website engagement, customer re-engagement, and business sales with one of the most impressive and comprehensive messaging channels- Website Push Notifications.

So, do you want to boost engagement of your gym or fitness center to whole new level? Aiming to convert casual website visitors into devoted customers?

What if a simple message on a visitor’s laptop or smartphone could help you get more memberships or book dozens of personal training packages that can also enhance your gym’s annual revenue? All this is possible with the powerful browser or web push notifications from popular providers like PushAssist.

If you provide fitness tips and services or own a gym, here are few ways how you can enhance your websites engagement and conversion rates,

Training Sessions:

Fitness Centers and gym can use web push messages to effectively communicate different classes that are being regularly conducted. Inform them the benefits of different training sessions like dynamic circuit training, aerobics, yoga, cardiovascular training and more.

Such message can be really helpful for users trying to adopt healthy habits or planning to workout but lack motivation. Now, you can also messages directing to workout routine short videos to ignite that spark they always lacked.

Diet Plans and Suggestions:

Regular exercise is only half a battle won. Following a strict diet plan is equally important for instant results. What someone eats can have a huge effect. So, use push notifications to alert gym members, send diet reminders, diet tips, and different recipe ideas that would suit their body type and fulfill workout requirements.

Share Workout Routines:

With a simple push message, you can prepare users for a workout routine. Share different workout, fitness exercise routines and more to prepare their mindset for the day. Show the proper ways and routine for that specific day.

Gym or fitness members that give their consent to receive push notifications tend to engage 20 times more often than your emails or direct mailers.

Keep Members Connected

If your fitness house strategically triggers push messages about things like new discounts on different packages, the group offers and more then members are more likely to want to continue engaging with your brand. This way your members will be more comfortable recommending your workout club to others. People appreciate brands that stay connected, and push notification is the easiest way to do it.

92% customers are more likely to trust a recommendation about a brand if it comes from a friend or family member. So, deliver rich customer experience with value adding, hard-to-miss web push notifications.


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