Web Push Notifications for Online Food Business

Web Push Notifications for Online Food Business

The ever-growing food ordering services and online restaurants with free delivery services has led to a fierce competition in this segment. All businesses are striving to stay a step ahead of each other. They are always on their toes to engage users and entice them to place an order on their portals. Hence, online food businesses readily adopt any communications channel at their disposal.

Marketers use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to grab the attention of foodies. But, as the days have passed by, it turned out that these channels reduced the organic reach of the posts, forcing most small businesses to look for other cost-effective options.

Similarly, there are plenty reasons for businesses turning away from sending emails. Recent studies reveal that push notifications have 18 times higher open rate.

So why use push messages? The food businesses can now trigger web push notifications on customers mobile or desktop to engage a higher number of customers and grab more orders.

Here’s how food businesses can use the browser and mobile push notifications for better results.

Reveal New Dishes to Food Lovers:

Today’s youth can’t stick to one dish. Let’s try something new today! All of us must have heard or said it plenty of times while going through a restaurant’s menu card. Hence, online food stores can use push notification to appeal to their masses by informing them about new dishes. Highlight the list of new foods items that are being served to cater different taste buds.

Push notification can help you deliver such messages in real-time, as per geographic locations to selected audience list. This can surely help you in boosting your business sales rate and maintain higher engagement rate, thus propelling your business to new heights.

On late Friday, when customers are thinking about what to order for dinner, a restaurant can deliver dine in or dine out the message to their desktop or mobile as a push notification.

Special Offers:

Customers love to be spoiled with exciting offers and discounts. Sending them lip-smacking deals can entice customers to place an order on your portal. The chances of returning to place an order in future also dramatically increase due to delicious dishes and appetizing offers.

On Friday night, deliver messages like- Up to 50% off on Pizza and wine. Place your order now.

Delivery Status:

Customers do not have any idea if their order is on its way or not. So, inform your hungry customers about the status of their food order in real-time. This will help customers to stay calm and control their eagerness to taste the yummy food they can’t wait to taste.

PushAssist, a browser push notification platform, can easily help online food businesses to communicate, engage, and entice users to place an order. Try this innovative technology now.


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