Difference between Web Push and In-Browser Message

Difference between Web Push and In-Browser Message

Web Push is fairly new in the digital arena. In past few years, it has created a huge buzz and has completely changed the communication methods. Marketers and brands are using it to good effect to interact and convert users into new customers. The tool is relatively exciting when it comes to grabbing the attention of website visitors. But, there is one more tool that all brands must be aware of and also need to analyze if that could be incorporated into their marketing strategy.

Brands that are implementing a mobile marketing strategy to promote their products and grab user attention must be aware of push notification. Web push has actually revolutionized the marketing platforms. Prior to this most of them opted for email marketing but, that has changed dramatically and more brands are looking to engage web push notifications.

So, let us get a hold of both these tools,

There are actually two types of web messaging that can be used for communication purposes- Web Push & In-Browser Messaging. For over a decade, browsers were the platform that was used by the visitors to search the desired website but, there was no easy way to for businesses to engage them. Emails were used to bridge this gap, however with very less success. This is where web messaging tools have stepped in.

How are they different?

Messaging Channel


Web Push

In-Browser Message

Whom do they engage?


Current and previous web visitors, even if they are not on the website.


Only the visitors that are active on the website.

Is subscription needed?




Do they work on mobile?


Yes, on the mobile browsers

In-app messages

What is the character limit?

They are best for instant messaging, so are short. Similar to mobile push notifications

Can create short as well as rich long messages


How are they both used?

Web Push Notifications

Web Push messages are excellent when it comes to engaging website users again and again. They can be used to push enticing messages that force the users to fall in love with your web content, products, and service. Entices them to keep coming back to the website they like to have an interaction

Authentication Campaign

Authentication campaigns encourage unknown users to log in, usually by giving them added value with exclusive offers or updates, such as shipment alerts, once they give their consent to send messages.

Incentive Campaign

These campaigns are best to lure the user to complete the desired actions by offering attractive rewards as incentives. Thereby making it a habit.

Wish-list Campaign

They encourage website users to curate their personal shops on any device, including desktop, tablet or mobile.

Geofencing Campaign

Location-based browser push is excellent when it comes to targeting a specific set of audiences from a particular geographical area.

Cart Abandonment Campaign

Browser Push can be used to remind the users of the product placed in the cart but have not purchased it.

Time Sensitive Campaigns

Time sensitive notification campaigns are very effective in encouraging users who have unsubscribed or are not regular visitors to re-engage.

In Browser Messages

These multipurpose message type can be used by the marketers to communicate with website visitors without developing pop-ups. Look, this why in-browser push notifications are used.

Onboarding Campaigns

These messages can be delivered to the users that are visiting your website for the first time. Greet them, give them the overview about your website. The in-browser message can be used to give your visitors the real reason to return.

Promotional Campaigns

In-browser push notifications can play a significant role in informing the website visitors about a mega discount, new product arrivals or other promotions.

Engagement Campaigns

These unique messages can also be used to inform users about something new, things that they really want to know. Induce them to explore your website in an easy way.

That’s it!

Web Push notifications and In-Browser messages both are quite unique in their own ways and can be easily incorporated into the marketing strategy for constant engagement, conversion, and retention.

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