How to tackle rapidly changing customer behaviour with Push Notifications

How to tackle rapidly changing customer behaviour with Push Notifications

With evolving technologies, marketing is also constantly expanding. Marketers and branding agencies have a big task on hand as they have to keep pace with the changing scenarios in the promotion and digital marketing arena.

To survive the stiff competition in the digital arena, organizations are striving hard for high growth. Every passing year gives rise to new possibilities and exciting communication channels that can be leveraged by marketers. Brands are also constantly on the look for better platforms, technology, and mediums to maximize their sales and better their ROI (Return on investment).

Smart Phone, Smart Customer

Globally, 2.08 billion consumers are picking up the phone to actively engage with brands. They check out new products, research and learn what the consumers have to say about the brand. Moreover, over flooding mobile apps have not only made customers smart but also accustomed to convenience. No doubt they are good in delivering targeted messages.

However, it is also true that with changing time, consumers’ attention span has also reduced, due to which they always expect quick solutions- instant coupons, discounts, and rewards. This has also convinced marketers to completely opt for a mobile-only approach.

To meet all these challenges, there is a unique communication channel known as Push Notification. Easily communicate whenever and wherever you want. Perform same actions on websites as mobile apps. Send messages on both desktop browsers and mobile browsers for holistic promotion approach.

Web Browsers Are Not dead

Consumers still tend to surprise marketers with a completely unique behavior traits. Users view products and research about a particular brand across multiple devices, including mobile, tablet, and laptop. However when it comes to online transactions, and regular website updates, still several people prefer desktop or browser web.

So how do marketers effectively interact with their visitors on web browsers?

The simple solution to this questions is Web Push Notification from PushAssist. Recent studies reveal that 68% consumers which are interested in website content, product or offerings, enable push notifications. In 2016, marketers have experienced 50% higher website open-rate. Web push also displayed 92% website retention rate.

Similar to a mobile app, marketers can use browser push notifications to reach, engage and drive sales. They have successfully helped e-commerce industries to reduce shopping cart drop-outs and enhance conversions by 12 times.


Transaction volumes

Every day, brands go all-out to attract more and more consumers to their website. They focus on various different promotional activities. Ecommerce websites have successfully boosted their sales and conversions by nearly 400%. Web push notifications offer more targeting options as compared to mobile apps. Industries can no longer count on username, demographics and market trend. With web push, brands can easily segment their audience based on location, time zones, and web actions. The beauty of web notifications is that it can be delivered at real-time.

So, use web push to effectively notify customers about a purchase, delivery date, rewards, coupons and much more. Efficiently reach the wider audience with the help of well-crafted promotional messages.

Reactivate Dormant Users

Awakening inactive users are key to marketing campaign success. Building long-term relationship that lasts for longer period of time.

But, for the sustained commitment and trust, understanding the user behavior on the website, push and relevant content is important for repeated visits to your website. Push notifications can be easily triggered, segmented and personalized based on this action ensuring a long-term relationship with them.

Time bound messages

Web push notifications play a pivotal role in sharing time-bounded messages that are critical, relevant and informative for your users. Share important information like changing flight fares, price drops, limited time sale, stock update for wish-list items and other time-critical information with users to drive conversions.

By harnessing the power of web push, brands can add value and create best online shopping experience by serving best prices leading to higher brand visibility, customer loyalty, and lifetime value. Handy for brands delivering the latest news, serving corporate marketplace that demands timely response etc.

Transactional Notifications

Web push can easily tackle challenges involved in securely sharing transactional data, including Order tracking, subscriptions, and renewal alerts. Banking notification alerts, balance information, amount debited data, loan offers, EMI due date, insurance alerts are where web push can add value to marketing and automation channel.

Reach your customers even when they aren't browsing your website