How to Use Push Notifications the Right Way?

How to Use Push Notifications the Right Way?

If you are under the impression that push notifications are a normal text message and are a hyped tool, think again. What began as a simple pop-up message on screen has turned into one of the striking communication platforms in the digital arena. It is a fairly unfamiliar topic to most marketers still and hence it’s easy to misunderstand the influencing power of push notifications.

It is an amazing way of reaching, engaging and converting potential customers. Messages can be directly delivered on any screen as per your wish. However bombarding subscribers with irrelevant and missed time push notifications can only lead to frustrations and high drop-outs. It could backfire and hence it is wise to know how to use them in right way.

Before integrating it in your marketing strategy note down the points: why are push notifications beneficial for your business? No matter who you are, if you own an online business, push notifications can help you to enhance your website traffic, boost user engagement, and help you acquire more subscribers in a very short period of time. So, let us take a look at right ways to use web push notifications.

What are the key benefits of push notifications?

There are several benefits of push notifications and they can vary as per the business or the nature of marketing campaigns they are being used for. Here are some of the key benefits,

Wider reach

Users allow push notifications from a website for multiple reasons- be it cool deals, upcoming sale or an update on the topic of their interest. This is actually quite beneficial for business because push messages help in getting in touch with the audience that is really interested in what you offer.

Web push notifications have a potential to reach a vast audience using Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. If combined together these browsers account for almost 75% of all market share. In addition, around 90% mobile user time is spent on different apps, which means that browser notifications have a potential to roughly reach 9 out of 10 device users.

Better User Engagement

Push Notifications allow online brands and other business to instantly connect with the respective audience. Push notifications can be a gentle reminder to users that they have the app, and encourage them to check in. They are also great ways of getting users to engage in new promotions or features that you have just debuted.

High conversion rate

It is one of the highly significant benefits of push notifications. With click-through rate as high as 30%, web notifications are measured as high converting marketing tool that can significantly lift the sales of the online business. Plus, the ever-growing list of subscribers makes web push notification one of the primary channels for reaching out to customers in an unhindered way.

Real-time communication

Push notifications are darn superfast. It enables instant communication with prospects, which is not the case with emails. Sometimes email gets delivered in spam folders, whereas push notifications reach users instantly.

Why does it matter?

Let’s say you have a special promotional offer on your online shop that ends today. By sending a short reminder that generates curiosity about it to your loyal subscriber base, you can expressively increase your business sales.

No More Lead Forms

Now marketers don’t have to worry about creating a lead generation form. It’s a big relief, though. Push Notification allows business to add visitors to their subscriber list with just a few clicks. Website visitors don’t have to fill the form or provide their contact details. All they have to do is click on “Allow”

What one can do with web push?

  • Access many formats
  • Segment your audience for targeted messages
  • Geofencing to deliver location-based messages
  • Personalization, including name, age, interests and more
  • Connect PushAssist to your CRM Tool
  • A/B testing,
  • Deep-linking

Push Right Message at the Right Time

There are several points one must consider before sending a push notification. However, delivering clear, crisp, concise and most importantly relevant content at right time has great importance.

Less is better:

Remember the message which you wish to send to your potential audience must not be too long. It must be to the point and deliver the exact message. Do not beat around the bush.

Create value:

Trigger push messages that give your user a reason to click it. Something which they cannot afford to miss.

Powerful CTA:

Use call-to-actions that generate excitement and curiosity in users to perform desired actions. Avoid using lame and boring ones such as “Buy Now”, Click Here” or “Check Now”. Instead try using CTAs like “Add to basket”, “Grab it for free” or “Explore the Collection”.


Notifications that are wrongly timed may not only be ignored, or overlooked but they’ll also greatly upsurge the chances of user unsubscribing notifications from your website. Creating unnecessary noise for users only increases frustration.

Analyze the right timings for different audience segment based on their geographic location, profession etc.

Deliver Messages that Convert with PushAssist

We have tried to offer an insight on how business must approach the implementation of push notification. Integrating push notifications can also

  • Enhance website click-through rates,
  • Improve user retention rates,
  • Reduce website bounce rate.

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