How to Win Back Lost Customers with Push Notifications

How to Win Back Lost Customers with Push Notifications

As window shopping is a big headache for physical stores, similarly cart abandonment and high opt-outs give most e-commerce bosses sleepless nights. Do you know that around 98% of the audience visiting an e-commerce store for the first-time leave without purchasing? It is possible that they may browse your site for a while and move on. Some may add the items in the shopping cart but abandon it without buying.

So how can e-commerce brands overcome such challenges? The first choice would be to enhance the shopping experience by making it more compelling. So that a customer lands on the website completes the procurement circle. Second, if they do exit your store, you need to find ways to bring them back to the site.

So, let us see how push notifications can help in effectively retarget lost customers.

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

Studies have found that acquiring a new customer can be more costly. Anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and re-engaging old ones.

The main reasons are- rise in ad blocking users and higher CPC rates, which has made customer acquisition more challenging for brands. This is exactly where new re-engagement tool like Web Push Notifications can turn the game into the marketers or brands favor.

Key Steps for Old Customer Re-engagement

Identify the Customer’s Micro-Moments

In recent times, customer behavior and expectations have dramatically changed. Analyzing and understanding the micro- moments can create numerous opportunities to meaningfully connect with them. Knowing the moments like want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-buy that boost the decision making, can easily help the brands to communicate with some purpose.

Find the users you wish to engage

Push Notification Services of PushAssist assists in effective customer re-engagement by reducing customer churn and increasing lifetime value. First identify the most loyal customers, prospective loyal customers, about to opt-out & dormant customers based on their past action.

Push Notifications provide a boulevard for brands to attract such customers with targeted, precise, and crisp content. It keeps them coming back to your store again and again.

Trigger Notifications at the Right time

Timing is always crucial, whether for email campaigns or retargeting push campaigns. Hence, to get it right, match the time for the day, week and month with the frequency of messages. A perfectly timed notification that is well matched with the frequency will surely help you increase the website click-through-rate.

Convenient Landing

Time is precious, even for the customers, and that is where web push notifications exactly fit into the picture. Hence, work on making web push notification the shortest path to the target page.

For example, if you notify a customer about an offer on his waitlisted item, then link that communication directly to the specific product page. This way, with one quick click the customer can land on desired page and chances of closing the sale increases significantly.

Personalisation is Vital

An absolute way to opt-outs is sending irrelevant web push notifications to the customers. Notifications that have nothing to do with their recent activity, or interests.

Personalization is important for push notifications. And that’s why structure your communication as targeted as possible. Based on the analysis done in the initial phase, segment your audience with whom you plan to have relevant communication. Segment them as per their micro-moments.

Customer segmentation can also be done by age, gender, location, occupation, browsing history, and buying patterns.

For example, a customer might have browsed through your ‘electronics’ segment, but was only interested in checking out the different kinds of products, chances are that he might have browsed through the other product pages, checked the specifications, images but then moved on without buying anything. There might be countless factors for his drop-outs. If you tap that reason you can send him a reminder notification that straightaway leads to the electronics web page.

So, strategically plan your re-engagement marketing campaigns and yes, do not forget to include this new impressive engagement tool in it.

Reach your customers even when they aren't browsing your website