New Smart Push: What Old Push Can’t Do

New Smart Push: What Old Push Can’t Do

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Now, this topic may sound a bit confusing, but as we know that technology keeps on constantly evolving as per dynamic needs of the users, so does notification technology. Hence, the question arises, what are the big modifications between “old web push” and “new web push”?

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Web Notification: A Smart Channel for Engagement & Retention

Smart web push notifications are a whole new messaging channel that supports long-term customer relationship. Web push is an independent, non-app version that works through mobile and desktop browsers. They just require web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and permission from the user to effectively communicate business deals and offers.

Best suited for your multi-channel communication approach. They allow you to unmask the new users visiting your website, once they allow push notifications from your site after being prompted to do so. Marketers can do all the same things that they use to do with mobile app notifications, like notify users about the new content that has been published, inform them about new offers, entice reviews, or deliver a transactional message.

Encouraging Aspects of Web Push

The benefit of web push is that they’re not confined to users who have a mobile app. Any visitor who has opted for web push notifications from your site will receive them. This means the customer can receive a web push notification on their desktop even if they’re not browsing your website, or even if they have closed their web browser.

Stumbling Blocks of Mobile App Push

The primary pitfall of web push is that around half of all mobile app users opt out of push. Users also tend to uninstall the app within first three months. Once uninstalled there is absolutely no way to get in touch with them. Hence, marketers can utilize this moment to deliver customer-centric web push using web browsers on any device.

What has Smart Web Push to offer?

Help you Reach & Re-engage users whenever they want

If your website visitors have opted in, they will regularly receive notifications, even if they don’t have their browsers open. This means that if a user adds a product to the shopping cart, but gets distracted and wanders on some other site searching for the same product, you can bring him back with a simple message “Hey Jane! Forgot something? The sandals you like will soon run out of stock. Buy now!” kind of reminder. You can also use web push to engage users, during a time-crunch marketing campaign that to even if they’re busy on another website.

Kill the Need of Mobile Apps

Installing mobile apps sometimes can be a big issue for users who don’t want to pay for the paid mobile apps or don’t want another app consuming the memory of their phone. With browser or web push, no downloads or no updates. No need of new software. All a user has to do is to opt-in to receive push notifications.

Track User Behaviour

New Web Push Notification offers a marketing automation platform that can be fully integrated to acquire customer data. Begin tracking the behaviour of users on desktop and mobile. In future, you’ll be better able to meet each individual customer’s needs for a more seamless experience.

Why are web notifications awesome!

  • Web push works best for re-engagement marketing strategy. Dead easy to convey urgent content, whenever and wherever on any device.
  • Most effective marketing channel when coupled with other well-rounded multichannel communication approach.
  • Incorporate new push notification technology to onboard, reengage, promote, or for reminders and time crunch messages.
  • Be a touch careful, don’t overdo it because sometimes web push can also be as annoying as mobile app push.

Link to Landing Pages

Also, web push notifications are extremely useful for direct communication. Instead of asking users to wander around the site, lead them directly to the custom web page with the complete information about the products and services you want them to see.

Reach your customers even when they aren't browsing your website