Push Notifications: A Powerful Platform for News & Media Industry

Push Notifications: A Powerful Platform for News & Media Industry

All the clamor, competition and made-up news out there, have given rise to a fierce battle for digital moments. Amid the chaos, news media companies find that pushing content to users can be a powerful platform to grab reader attention and boost engagement.

Web push powers the media house to send exclusive news alerts to the device in hands of the potential audience or directly post it in front of the big screen no matter even if they are engaged in some other task.

In fact, several recent studies highlight that the readers actively show a keen interest in web push containing local news and weather updates, breaking news, and special offers personalized as per their preferences or location.

International Media House have started utilizing its influential power,

News Media Goliaths like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and The Times, to name a few, have been sending breaking news alerts to their readers since the early days. These giants have experienced promising results. They have doubled their subscription and app download rates.

Here are few more benefits,

Dead easy to set-up

Web push notifications from PushAssist are dead easy to setup. Just install them in 5 mins and start engaging and targeting new users in most effective and efficient manner. Send web push on your website subscribers Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. Also, they work on any device like smartphones, tablets or laptop. This unique feature of web or browser push also kills the need of apps.

Push Customization

A news organization can easily customize the content to make it more enticing for the readers. Segment the audience as per the age, interest areas, preference for the delivery of relevant content. They can also personalize the messages for one-to-one communication.

Geo-targeting is one of the best features to send news for readers living in the region where an event has occurred. Web push offers great features for content customization.

You can format notifications in different ways, by sending sequential notifications, actionable buttons that invite the user to interact directly with content, and also the web notifications that self-replace with updated information

Enhance Traffic by informing news before your competitors do

Let’s accept the fact that every business boss designs apps and software with an aim to expand his business reach, for more subscriptions, followed by more conversions and therefore enhanced business revenue. But, what key role browser push notification plays in it?

Once you have integrated web push notifications in your website, run out a thoughtfully designed campaign that entices push notification subscriptions for latest news alerts. Track the actions taken them and continue to push message as per their interest zone and preferences. News channels can also segment the audience, on some common criteria’s such as gossips, sports, weather, politics, economics or business before pushing alerts. With web push notifications media houses can send relevant messages to their audience, thus increasing the engagement and traffic in the long run.

Just a little bit of analysis and targeting is what is needed to build a base of loyal readers. Plus you don’t have to worry about the delivery, web push notification offer assured delivery in real-time. Moreover, they do not end up in spam folders as emails do.

Actually, it is rightly said. Push Notification is a Next Big Thing and it is here to stay for a long period of time.

Engage least loyal reader

With web push, the stories that have the power to drive high traffic can be easily sent to a different set of subscribers. There are almost no constraints like the need of downloading an app and constantly upgrade them for continual use.

The user just has to give his consent to receive push notifications from a particular news channel, there are no further steps involved, like downloading, or form filling. One more thing, users don’t have to give out their personal contact details.

Simply put, web push offers the super easy onboarding procedure. A less loyal reader, or one who might like your content but maybe isn’t interested enough, can now receive notifications with a smaller initial investment.

Web notifications are really interesting and a great platform to spike up the traffic of your digital portal. Every news channel and media house can use it to reap maximum benefits with a higher return on investments. So, what are you waiting for- Try PushAssist Notifications now- For Free Demo, Click here

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