Role of Push Notifications in Search Engine Optimization

Role of Push Notifications in Search Engine Optimization

We all agree that a loyal base of customers that regularly visit your website to check updates, buy products and prefer your website over all the competitors is like a gold pot for brands and marketers. This means that customers are noticing your brand and are eager to read what you have to say. They also have a keen interest in your products and most importantly trust your brand.

All this means repeated website traffic, more leads and better conversions. Hence, marketers are always on the look for a communication channel that can effectively generate repeated website traffic and loyal audience.

Website Vs Mobile apps ranking

Currently, Google’s primary business is based on its indexing and ranking website content. Google predominantly ranks website that works on all devices- responsive website. However, introduction and wider use of mobile application have also made the situation more complex for the marketers. It has been also observed that marketers have also started adopting the mobile only approach.

The introduction of Chrome push notifications clearly signifies that websites are equally important.  With website push notifications, brands can easily push messages on different devices, like mobile, tabs and laptops. Notifications are a huge selling point for mobile apps, similarly, if mobile friendly websites can do this too then there is absolutely no need for mobile applications.

So, the question arises that how push notifications can improve your overall SEO results?

Well, any innovative communication platform that can drive repeated traffic to a website can be a huge plus to existing SEO efforts. Re-engaging visitors can be key to the success of blogs, campaigns or e-commerce stores.

Alerting and informing key website events to the audience can also lead to more social shares and links. Essentially, if more people are aware of your content then it is more likely to be shared amongst larger audiences, via social channels or authoritative websites.

Create a Marketing List

To deliver web push to the target audience, it is mandatory that users give their consent first. While the subscription process is very simple with only- Allow or Block option, it helps in quickly converting a normal visitor into a subscriber.

Push Notifications are highly impressive as compared to emails and landing pages. Users rarely fill lead generation forms on emailers and landing pages. Conversion stats speak for themselves, lead forms are really struggling with just 4-5% conversion rate, whereas push notifications boast 19-21% conversion rate. They help brands in building a loyal subscriber base, that to in no time.

The basic lead capture forms struggle to put a conversion rate of 4-5%. Here is how web push notifications have performed when compared with email for, a leading news website in India.

Drive Relevant and Repetitive Traffic

Website traffic is very important for business growth. All SEO techniques are adopted to achieve high traffic. Relevant and Repetitive Traffic is what every business wants and this is exactly where push notifications play an important role. It is also a fact that returning users have a significant ability to attract new customers.

Other Critical SEO Factors

If a business is successful in creating loyal customers that regularly visit and interact with the website, that business has a high percentage of growth chances. Traffic that keeps visiting a website, again and again, adds momentous value to SEO strategy.

With increasing traffic the impact on other key factors like bounce rate, average session duration, and page views will also change. Push notifications have the highest click through rate ranging from 12% – 21% whereas emails get less than 3%-5%. That means, if you use push notifications on your website, you are likely to reduce bounce rates and also increase the number of page views along with an average session of duration. This also means higher sales.

Average session duration might also depend on the fact that how well the website content is curated.

While the adoption of web push notifications is increasing day by day, it is important to understand the concepts and understand how not to implement them to successfully generate traffic that keeps visiting your website.

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