Stunning Push Notification Campaigns for Recurring Revenue

Stunning Push Notification Campaigns for Recurring Revenue

In current dynamic marketing scenarios, including the constant influx of new apps, heaps of content and shorter customer attention, web push notifications have been impressive in onboarding new users and retaining them.

This powerful messaging channel has advanced a lot with time, allowing businesses to reach new customers in real-time on a smartwatch, desktop computers, and smartphones. But even with new innovations and growing promotion channels, there are a lot of brands that have failed to utilize push notifications to its full potential. Some do not leverage this platform at all or trigger campaigns to full-audience without customizing messages. Few industries do use two or three campaigns but without much success.

Intelligent push notifications can contribute to successful marketing campaigns, but not making use of this striking tool means businesses are missing out on revenue generation opportunities. Check the following push campaigns that could be implemented for effective communication on diverse platforms

Welcome Campaign

To set the tone of future communication, send your first notification right after a user subscribes your website. Just think carefully “What can be communicated that immediately adds value to the customer?”

 Welcoming customers with an incentive can have a long lasting impact on them. Following up with the compelling message will lead to higher opt-ins, engagement, and conversion rates than emails.

Limited Time Campaigns

You are an entertainment channel or an e-commerce store that is offering a one-time deal that ends tomorrow. No matter whatever industrial segment you belong to, web push is a great way start a buzz.

Messages must be attention-grabbing, compelling and well-thought so that it allows you to reach the audience that is not currently browsing your web page on mobile or on a desktop. Ensure that the relevancy bar for such campaigns are relatively high because alerts with titles like “urgent,” “hurry-up”, “once-in-a-lifetime offer” that do not add any value can be really frustrating for your audience.

Reminder Campaigns

Customers visit your website or subscribe it if they feel that you provide information that’s beneficial, meaningful, or maybe just entertaining. A good way to use web push is to power reminder messages. Did a user add a product to the cart but did not buy it? Send them a push to remind them about it. Remind them about the delivery status of their product.

Keep in mind that a reminder about something you don’t care about is annoying, and not useful. So make sure you thoroughly analyze customers to target messages effectively.

Reward Campaigns

Push notifications can easily help you re-engage your customers and entice them to keep coming back to your website. No matter which product or service you wish to promote. Time and again trigger a campaign with rewards and incentives like coupons, price drops, and more. They can also help you in attracting dormant users that have not visited your site for months. Reward campaigns not only adds value but gives your visitors more reason to visit your digital store, which is also important in terms of user retention rate.

Onboarding Campaigns

This type of campaigns can be conducted for the visitors who have shown a serious interest in your website. For better results use onboarding campaigns along with multi-channel approach. A clear and concise alert is an effective way to encourage visitors to take actions and also complete the sign-up process.

Studies show that onboarding notification tends to boost the retention rate of the website by almost 130%

Re-engagement Campaigns

Some customers tend to remain active for a month, but then slowly visits start reducing. A planned, upbeat push notification campaign can help you overcome customer engagement issue. Send a push campaign that spurs noise and gets them back to your online store.

Location-Based Campaigns

Let your customers know about the exciting deals and offers when they walk by your brick and mortar or physical store. The push campaigns that was successfully implemented by Starbucks.

These location-driven messages encourage deeper engagement and monetization. Make sure that the messages being delivered are relevant and valuable. Personalize them for each loyal shopper based on their behavior, interest, along with their current physical location.  

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