What Does Your Business Really Need- Web Push or Mobile Application?

What Does Your Business Really Need- Web Push or Mobile Application?

It is true that every business in today’s fast-evolving digital world needs a powerful and effective platform to constantly re-engage customers to ensure that there are repeated transactions.

Often it has been noticed that around 70% users do not return to the online store. The main challenge ahead of small, medium and large business is to create engaging channels that frequently provides relevant information, creates a rich user experience for higher clicks, and also, retain such users.

But do mobile apps resolve these problems?

Let us first understand- what are the aces and rip-offs of creating a mobile app

Mobile App Aces

  • Can send push notification
  • In-depth customer behavior analysis
  • Transaction is fairly easy
  • The app stays in the mobile. But not at all necessary that users regularly use it


  • Too many apps leads to clutter and higher memory consumption
  • Difficult to maintain relevance and engagement level as demanded by mobile apps
  • Development consumes large chunk of your budget
  • data consumption, space and time constraints

Consumers Spend More Time on Browsers

Companies are not only the ones that are turning their backs on mobile apps. Users have also started spending increasing amounts of time inside messaging apps and social networks.

Everyone is familiar with traditional browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that contain search functionality. If these browsers are installed in users’ mobile, businesses can easily communicate with them on mobile as well as the laptop.

So what is best for your business mobile application or Web Push? Let us compare it with few more explanations,

Mobile Apps


Web Push

Mobile apps can easily send push notifications on lock screen even when a user is not using his mobile

With Web Push, it is super easy to send alerts on mobile as well as desktops. Even when user is busy viewing some other website

Applications consume a huge amount of mobile storage, plus you need data pack to keep them functioning whenever Wi-Fi is unavailable.

No installations needed. Consumers just have to give their consent with just a few clicks to receive messages

The development process is too costly and consumes huge amount of time

Customers or users can start interacting with push message with just a few clicks.

Mobile push is purely constructed for mobiles only.

Web push can seamlessly deliver content across diverse platforms and devices

Mobile push contains the brand message and link

Web Push are contains links, messages, and images as well.

Consumers have to constantly update their mobile apps. This can lead to higher fall-offs

Updates are not needed.




 Web Push offers endless benefits and is a most preferred tool for marketing. We have covered most of the points that describe why businesses must go with this highly impressive tool. If interested to try out. Check out a web push notification demo from PushAssist.



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