Which Browser Versions & Operating System PushAssist Supports?

Which Browser Versions & Operating System PushAssist Supports?

Push Notifications offered by PushAssist supports all the latest versions of browsers with large market share. Web push on Chrome, Firefox and Safari offers enhanced security and top performance. Currently, it is one of the best tools for reach, engagement, conversion and retention.

Check out the browser versions and operating systems supported by the web push notifications. They are dead easy to integrate. Start targeting users using the browsers mentioned below in just 5 mins.

Push Notifications support following browser versions and operating system

OS                  Supported by

Android           Chrome 42

Mac OS           Chrome 42 , Firefox 44 , Safari

Ubuntu            Chrome 42 , Firefox 44

Window           Chrome 42 , Firefox 44

Linux               Chrome 42 , Firefox 44 , Safari

Each time a new browser version is released, the push message are also upgraded so that it easily supports the most recent version.

Supported Browsers?

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