Supported Browsers for Web Push Notifications

Supported Browsers for Web Push Notifications

What are Web Push Notifications or Browser Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are messages that come from web, a website where you subscribe. Best part about web/browser push notification is that these are delivered even when a subscribers is not browsing the website. For some browsers, even if they are not open in your subscribers machine or device. Web push notifications works much better than conventional email marketing as it enjoys much higher view/click rate. Leverage this new marketing chanel to re-engage your site visitors without contacting them via email address.

Supported Browsers for Web Push notifications

Following is the list of supported browsers for web push notifications


Browser Windows MacOs Android iOS
Chrome Yes Yes Yes No
FireFox Yes Yes Yes No
Safari No Yes N/A No
Microsoft Edge Yes N/A Yes N/A
Opera Yes Yes Yes N/A
SamSung Internet Browser N/A N/A Yes(4.0) N/A
Yandex Yes(4.0) Yes(4.0) Yes(4.0) N/A

Supported OS?

Reach your customers even when they aren't browsing your website